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Climate Plan  - Comprehensive and effective action in response to the threat (see: The Threat)

About  - more background and information about the Arctic-news blog

FAQ  - Frequently-asked questions

Summary  - The dire situation that calls for comprehensive and effective action (see: Climate Plan)

The Threat  - The Threat of Global Warming causing Near-Term Human Extinction

Extinction  - Will humans be extinct by 2026?

Feedbacks  - The numerous feedback effects accelerating warming in the Arctic

Action  - Action in response to the threat

Policies  - Policies needed to achieve the necessary changes

Feebates  - Ten advantages of feebates as policy instruments

Debate  - Debate and controversy over issues discussed at this blog

Contact  - Contact Sam Carana or contributors to the Arctic-news blog

Further pages



Tweets  - posted by Sam Carana

- Most Important Videos Uploaded In December 2016

Images  - some of the images posted at Arctic-news blog in 2015
See also: Over 20 of the most terrifying images of 2016

Myths  - diversions and distractions from the action that should be taken instead


References  - Links to sources often used when preparing posts

Seismic Events  - Earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. and their links to methane releases in the Arctic




Arctic Sea Ice

Ten Dangers of Global Warming (2007)

Oxygenating the Arctic (2011)

The Duty to Act

The Mechanism leading to Collapse of Civilization and Runaway Global Warming

How much time is there left to act?

Key posts

Albedo Change in Arctic

How much warming have humans caused?

It could be unbearably hot in many places within a few years time

Rain over Arctic Ocean

Monthly CO₂ not under 400 ppm in 2016


Storms over Arctic Ocean

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