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- AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group)
AMEG at Facebook
AMEG at Planet under Pressure conference - Poster and Pamphlet
- Peter Carter
State of the Climate
Uprage blog
Civilisation Continuity Group - Help Survive Climate Change
- Nick Breeze, Brue Pearce
The Methane Bomb
- The Solutions Project
The Solutions Project
- Colorado Bob
- James Hansen - more graphs and figures
- ClimateProgress
- WhiteHouse
- Climate Central
- Robert Scribbler
- Arctic Sea Ice Blog


Warming in the Arctic
Arctic temperatures
Arctic Sea Ice
Potential for methane release
Thermal expansion
Runaway warming
Seismic activity
Stratospheric Methane Global Warming Veil
Supplementary evidence to the EAC from John Nissen on behalf of AMEG by John Nissen
(with overview of submissions to the U.K. Environmental Audit Committee)
Arctic waters are heating up
Earth on Fire - see also: Earth on Fire (at 
When the sea ice is gone (with contributions by AMEG members)
AMEG presentation, London June 16, 2012 (with video of presentation by John Nissen)
How much methane is located in the Arctic?
Highlights of EGU General Assembly 2012 -
AMEG at Planet under Pressure conference -
Rebuttal: Imminent collapse of Arctic sea ice drives danger of accelerated methane thaw by Prof. Peter Wadhams
Arctic radiation animation
Protecting the Arctic -  U.K. Environmental Audit Committee, hearing February 21, 2012
Abrupt release of methane in the Arctic in late 2011?
Video: East Siberian Arctic Shelf Expedition 2011
Temperature anomalies over 20 degrees Celsius
Rebuttal: David Archer wrong to dismiss concern about potential methane runaway in Arctic - by Gary Hauser
Arctic Methane Alert