jet stream

Hugely distorted jet stream causes havoc 

On above image, the Jet Stream can be seen forming Omega patterns on the Northern Hemisphere, going circular over the Arctic Ocean and crossing the Equator. 

Why does the Jet Stream get distorted?

The Arctic gets hit much harder by temperature rises than the rest of the world. 

Both the temperature of the lower atmosphere over the Arctic and the temperature of the water in the Arctic Ocean are rising rapidly.

This causes the difference in temperature to narrow between the North Pole and the Equator and this in turn slows down the speed at which wind travels from the Tropics to the North Pole, and makes the Jet Stream more wavy, just like a slow-moving river over flat land will take a winding route and meander.

How it used to be

The Jet Streams used to circumnavigate the globe in narrow bands. World climate zones used to be kept well apart by stable Jet Streams.

On the Northern Hemisphere, the coldest point used to be the North Pole, so wind used to flow from the tropics to the North Pole. 

Polar Jet Stream and Subtropical Jet Stream - NOAA image
This resulted in two Jet Streams forming, circum-navigating the globe in relatively narrow and straight bands, i.e. the Polar Jet Stream at 60°N and the Subtropical Jet Stream at about 30°N.

For many years, Jennifer Francis et al. has been warning that this will cause more extreme weather in mid latitudes. 

Polar Jet Stream (blue) and Subtropical
Jet Stream (red) - NOAA image
Arctic-News has described Deformation of the Jet Stream as Opening the Doorways to Doom, i.e. one of the feedbacks (#10) of accelerated Arctic warming.

Distorted Jet Stream causes havoc

As a result of this distortion of the Jet Stream, extreme weather events are striking with ever greater frequency and intensity.

The Northern Hemisphere has been particularly hit by stronger heatwaves, forest fires, storms and flooding.

The image below shows that in 2020, in the U.S. alone, a record number of 22 climate and weather disasters took place that each caused damage of more than 1 billion dollar, in the U.S, alone, while jointly causing the deaths of 262 people.

Heat domes over the United States

As the image below shows, temperatures are forecast to be as high as 110.4°F or 43.6°C on July 27, 2021, at 23:00 UTC (in South Dakota at green circle).

The image below shows how temperatures rise due to distortions of the Jet Stream.

The image below shows the Jet Stream and the Misery Index (indicating the 'feels like' temperature).

The image below shows the global picture, the Jet Streams and the Misery Index.

The image below shows the global picture, with the Jet Streams forming 'Omega Patterns'.


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