Sunday, August 4, 2013

Methane as high as 2303 ppb

This post has been updated as Methane as high as 2349 ppb.


  1. The enhanced picture of highest methane levels seems to show motion of an explosive release of methane from region of NW edge of Eurasian plate.
    The Barents Sea and particularly section of plate and slope to the abyss between Norway and Svalbard.
    The Methane appears to be radiating outward from there and favoring Eastward travel due to Earth's spin. The whole picture of North looks not in our favor.. That is if we ever were to set aside monetary quest and get Real with trying to keep Earth alive..
    Money can be made by auctioning the last fish in the Sea.. And that can be auctioned on then -ad infinitum by robots programming -Corporate life.

  2. I made error in map reading in previous comment that I'd like to correct but to let the interpretation stand and use it to highlight that although methane seems sourced from land today mostly that can change next week if a sudden release of methane from Clathrate and free gas in sediment of sea bottom happened.
    But I made an error most likely from confusion with view and geography.
    It is a hopeful sign perhaps if when a person making comment corrects..
    But this can be a way for people to learn where methane is out there and how it is sourced. And that either from land or sea the trouble Earth is in is Real.