Friday, August 2, 2013

Where does the methane come from?

[ image July 29, 2013. Click on image to enlarge ]
Wildfires are still raging, sending huge amounts of smoke into the sky. Worryingly, much black carbon that comes with this smoke gets deposited at high latitudes, discoloring snow and ice, and thus speeding up the melt.

A lot of methane has been emitted over the last few days, and much appears to be due to wildfires, as illustrated by the image below, picturing the situation on July 31, 2013, p.m.

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Above image shows some methane on the right, over the Atlantic Ocean, which appears to originate from these wildfires and is visible in that location due to the Coriolis effect. The image below, picturing the situation on August 1, 2013, p.m., shows a lot of methane over Russia and elsewhere in Europe and Asia. Again, the methane on the left of Europe appears to originate from wildfires in North America.

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High levels of methane are recorded in many places on the Northern Hemisphere, and there is also a lot over the Southern Hemisphere, as illustrated by the image below.

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Where did the methane over the oceans on the Southern Hemisphere come from? It appears that it originates from hydrates under the ocean floor. For more about methane hydrates, also see the methane-hydrates blog.

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  1. Looking at expanded South Polar View in 4th map of methane concentrations that are over 1.95 ppm in lower sky and contour of a depth map of Ocean, it looks ominous indeed, because methane concentration locations in atmosphere, if they are used as proxy for crustal expansion or flux of plate tectonics on mantel for reference then big trouble is not only brewing but underway.
    There are several, but critical guesses I'd like to posit on for a while. -An think about.. Like the thought cloud figure the Antarctic seems to show..
    First, in central East Antarctic above the vast ice sheet a massive sustained and even growing release of CH4 is apparently underway. This is obviously not sourced from adjacent slope to the abyss or from continental shelf to Southern Ocean or adjacent bays. This makes me think radioactive sourced heat is getting to bottom sediments from below.
    Second, there seems to be fracture like structure of methane release off Southern Australia showing up in sky levels of methane corresponding to water depth of ocean there.
    Third there seems to be a longitudinal direction of both water depth anomalies and high methane levels in sky which to some degree correspond to heat flux and in process of something.
    So in North we have warm rivers from land running into the Arctic Sea which is very shallow and loaded with hydrate ice containing vast methane and in South we have who knows what but it sure looks like trouble and that for an actual reversal to be caused by man to this is kind of impossible.
    However I'm trying to use technique to build a doable plan in real time by compartmentalizing like I once did building robot in college and flagging each section on circuit board by using LEDs. If I think about things like in a project to build things I can isolate what works from it.
    But this is reverse engineering in essence emotionally taxing a bit over my ability..
    We need to put in place the section of circuit sustainable which we should have had in the first place to keep this from happening, what we did. -Who knows what will happen then, perhaps a glimpse of what could happen to be. A moment of at least a glimpse of an empire built on hope and of where god lives or would like to perhaps be.. In the Universe. Perhaps 2C that would do something maybe.. I doubt it would short out but if we mix up polarity of diode then we have no more.. If we can't get mhz response to be on same frequency then chips for programming output won't work. We need to get frequency of communications same for the world.