Friday, August 10, 2012

Sea ice in the Arctic - Shaken and stirred (by a powerful cyclone)

By Paul Beckwith

From my chair, it looks to me like there will be zero sea ice in the Arctic by September 30th of this year 2012.

The massive cyclone in the Arctic of unprecedented size has been chewing up the sea ice for the last week and it looks like over 1 million square km has been lost. A few more cyclones there will finish it off completely.

My presentation on the link below needs polishing, is quite technical in places and is mostly my compilation of blogs and data and comments from other scientists, engineers, and lay-people. It is mostly in chronological order as the storm has progressed.

Sea ice in the Arctic - Shaken and stirred (by a powerful cyclone)
August 3 to 10, 2012, by Paul Beckwith


  1. This is very scary but I don't think many people understand that ice loss of Arctic signals failure
    Failure to protect Earth's biological systems which has held conditions relatively stable and within bounds for life to persist and evolve. Sending up belated attempts at cloud formation or of shielding of incoming sunlight won't undo the pain of regret loss of Earth represents.. Sprinkling a little ground rock around won't help.

    1. Yes, it will take decades and in many cases even longer to undo some of the damage that has been inflicted. That's why we urgently need commitment to improve things and select the most effective ways to achieve this.