Monday, August 20, 2012

Record low sea ice area

Arctic sea ice area reached a record low of 2.87746 million square km on the 230th day of 2012, as illustrated on the image below by The Cryosphere Today.

Below the sea surface temperature anomaly for August 20, 2012, by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Rising temperatures in the Arctic threaten to trigger methane releases, as shown on the poster below.

The poster forms part of the updated presentation Why act now, and how?


  1. Was looking at graph of yearly ice area and because it is middle of night and I'm tired the graphs appeared as double, half out of sync with the near sign wave form of ice area superimposed. and I thought the flat line of average wants to be the middle not the flat line of sea ice area or of volume that will start showing up as complete melt off is attained.. So the meaning of tired eyes not focusing, for whatever reason brings to mind that a companion hand out to the one of Earth's doom needs to be available match.
    So people can see benefit of taking action on what it will mean to life on Earth and to kids..
    Had been looking at animated sea ice volume change from 79-2012 and noting speed up of change and flattening of lower portion of curve and how near bottom of Zero it was.
    It's hard to sleep if you think Earth is dying and there is still a chance to do something about it. But the scale of speed of change needed is increasing exponentially as the world
    continues on present path.
    Act of God ,the law definition would allow alteration of contract law and valuation of money to bring enterprise and finance in line with what is needed to make valiant attempt at keeping Earth alive and it could make change possible if applied on global scale with relative suddenness, having, by lets say this post, given fair warning to allow fat cats to invest in what will be the industries of future.

  2. Initial awareness of what's going on with heat build up was tampered with, with Scientists email hack and spin just prior to Climate Summit in Copenhagen, with Bush admin alteration of scientific findings by unqualified underlings for instance. It's much bigger than that and in effect worldwide and still going on. For instance no mention in recent article on Arctic Sea ice record minimum on BBC of the weight of the CH4 Extinction event being ignited.
    Stopping the wars of the world and getting real action going to try and head off the Doom Chart means mankind facing up to reality and it involves politics.
    Lincoln said that with 'sentiment all things are possible and without it isn't. I left out the 'public' from public sentiment etc because it seems a sinister 1% wants to be the public and/or mob.
    So Sam it isn't that I want to supplant, or take away from your hard work and expertise in Science and what's important and doable with technology that I suggest in strongest way perhaps a worldwide adoption or tapping of the essence of 'Rule of Law mechanism giving capability to alter, to justify alteration of standing contract law from when in enlightenment nations and technological advancement proceeded' - but rather to augment and enhance the points that you make and to add to them the snippets of political maneuvering like sunset provisions and automatic triggering of things like rates of taxation or something else. -Fact is the mob and the followers are in trouble. The whole Earth is at stake and dying.

    1. Thanks Dale. Existing laws could be overruled in case of a declaration of emergency, as a way to speed up necessary changes. The Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) calls for a declaration of emergency, as described in the post Discussion: Should patent law apply to geo-engineering?

    2. OK I agree to large degree and on patent law but what I'm suggesting is much, much larger; essentially the creation of an open system where now a closed system exists. A world (closed) system of finance presently zeroed in on increasing debt or contractual obligation and totally dependent on perpetual monetary expansion. I want to shift that so the value of money is proportional to net worth of its use in investment and enterprise, large and small on keeping the Earth alive. So the whole of Earth's human civilization has a tendency to benefit the common good defined as a living Earth with Nature's open systems alive.
      That's open, as in defined as different than that of a closed system of thermodynamics where heat always increases like life in a bottle, fragmented or away from the whole of the open system, the open window to outside and a means of cooling off.. A means to correct naturally and hold biologic systems intact which have evolved to enable Sea pH to tend to 8.23 and O2 to remain stable relatively at 21% along with heat moderate in mean value and extremes so Earth remains suitable for living things to find their place. For Nature to be big enough to be open system capable of healing, of helping itself.. Communications net and active participation tapping industry, science and technology will be needed to pull things back from the brink but its an error to think it is only tech that belongs in decision because the common person, farmer, the worker can help sequester carbon in soil and do things to help reduce negative footprint both in carbon emissions and on peace and fairness in the world and on what Nature really needs..
      A high degree of danger needs bold actions to counter act and bravery, bravery given by hope of remaining alive through bold action now to alter current world economics and system of monetary valuation on the largest of scales and that needs to take place suddenly to avoid being undercut. Like as what was done with Montreal Accord on HCFC22 manufacture to replace CFC12 causing nations and industry to notice and count as greenhouse gas reduction credit profit the super greenhouse gas created in HCFC22 manufacture. Blackmail and undue profit taking along with needless creation of refrigerant resulted.. It showed the world a can of corrupting worm turns and holds or depends on profit over moral obligation. Corporate monetary worth rather than what benefits the common good and Earth alive.
      I want an equally large change to commerce and high finance to counter global warming and to set the stage for grand showdown in which it is my contention the power of will to live can trump, can turn the fate of the planet from extinction. Really I am attempting to wage war on the way we live in the world so that global warming stops going runaway. -so the things we do sort of wind up sort of naturally support the preservation of Nature and counteract expansion of heat and loss of biodiversity along with Earth's vast ecosystem services. I want full out system alteration world wide capable of naturally supporting a human tendency to help stop runaway and to profit in a sustainable way. A beautiful way that is fun and peaceful.

  3. It's now still night nearly at Harvest Moon here in Colorado over a year later and no grand scale action has been taken to keep Earth alive by putting full force of mankind to task of trying to stop runaway. So I have gone outside after waking with the nightmare of waiting for an ax to fall.. Just - moment, The moon was still high and veiled by clouds giving an impression of pleading, needing to speak up that there was still time. Little guys sang warning like that of a British police car or something in a show that it was important to speak up about avoiding Famine now.
    It is important to put away vast store of grain and supply now ASAP for the people worldwide. Time is short to say the least. And full force of human endeavor needs to be brought to bear without delay absolutely to try and alter fate and to install a system of commerce designed to reverse ecosystem damage.
    I have story to tell and no time to do so because it takes away from ability.
    This is where we are headed and I want to alter course dead ahead full steam..

    1. Se necesitan muchos Dale Lanan en el mundo para que se realice lo que expone parece que tiene una preocupacion real sobre este asunto del calentamiento gloval que por todas partes veo que a nadie le importa mas alla de un estudio o un comentario, en donde vivo que es una ciudad cosmopolita no veo ninguna accion por parte de las autoridades ni de las empresas ni la gente que conosco,solo si les reporta ganancias se mueven y hacen algo , en Salta van a desmontar miles de hectareas de bosques y el gobierno no se da por enterado siendo que hay "ley de proteccion de bosques"no les importa nada solo el dinero que pueden sacar por hacer esto,es muy triste que no podamos hacer nada para evitarlo, los gobiernos mandan,ustedes no pueden evitar que su gobierno pare la guerra en medio oriente o su pais deje de producir la cantidad de basura por dia!!! que es uno de los causantes de la polucion ambiental o que cambie el uso del petroleo por otra energia mas limpia, NO PUEDEN aqui nosotros solo podemos protestar en forma pacifica pero se nos rien como diciendo "aqui el que manda es el dinero y nosotros somos los dueños",pareciera ser que hay un odio hacia la tierra por parte nuestra, pero mas por parte de las autoridades, deberiamos considerar sagrado a los "arboles" mucho mas que un icono religioso, me lleno de tristeza ver como derribaron hermosos y frondosos arboles para construir una iglesia solo por dar un ejemplo, la humanidad es autodestructiva y "mal educada" , pero igual lo felicito por su manera de pensar y de escribir en favor de la Madre Tierra y espero con optimismo que muchos mas sean como usted, porque dicen por ahi que "somos lo que pensamos"tal ves si mas y mas personas como usted Dale Lanan se sumaran al mismo pensamiento de convertir al planeta en un lugar mejor o por lo menos con aire mas limpio, esto se convierta en relidad.