Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Food Emergency

Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Food Emergency
a video by Peter Carter of

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  1. Earth's Arctic is Her thermostat and heart that drives heat exchange. A mechanic would say key..
    As visual behind click button for all to see shows; Earth is like held in a vase with the Arctic her clear space..
    Now a veil of darkness spreads like like a pale darkening dirty surface on the outside of glass..
    As though something has happened like opaqueness of heat to escape is occurring and spreading S sort of like on a global scale..
    Something that is known to be happening. There is the spread of increased concentration of CH4, Methane to the S particularly of interest at levels of the vase some 30 to 47km above ground where in lower Stratosphere heat trapping ability of methane is enhanced and spreading a vapor increasingly trapping heat..
    There is visual on that as at 83km, square in middle of zone of incoming particle burn up, smoke veil of cloud is seen to sunset at high latitude as methane which has broken down to water gathers on particles to refract blue..
    The color o the rainbow, the beauty of colors.. The green is so narrow and hard to make right on the present artists' attempt to get them to express the essence of what's seen.. But green is the color of life.. -That of an open sky and of water and of hope that someone can paint red.
    Gold and Silver they are color of the rainbow but we take them so serious and treasure them..
    Green is the color of Earth's primary ecosystem function of conversion o sunlight to sugars.. Of the production o food..
    Red is the color of right wing in 2 party system of the United States and Blue that of the left or liberal/progressive side of things..
    Green is not on the present political spectrum..