Saturday, January 12, 2013

Arctic sea ice volume 2012

Above images show Arctic sea ice volume data up to and including the year 2012. On the right, monthly data - click on the image to view data in more detail. On the left, annual minimum data with trendline added.

Details of minimum data (as on the image on the left) - Big changes in Arctic within years
Further albedo changes in the Arctic - Albedo changes in the Arctic
Discussion of some of the implications - Getting the picture
Policies to change the climate back - President Obama, here's a climate plan!


  1. With 2012 information entered things look to be happening even faster than projected a little while ago.
    Arctic sea ice looks about to fall off a cliff.
    And considering the effect sea ice loss has already had on extremes of weather, stagnation and jet stream flow a emergency effort is needed
    like at no other time in Earth's history past or with more open ended potential to change the Course of human and life's fate..

  2. Some time ago I stopped thinking that we collectively deserve this once nice planet...


    1. Mankind is in a fix. We are our own worst enemy and yet agent of change.
      We must make adjustment and fast worldwide to keep Earth alive. It is my opinion it is the frame of world commerce which acts as if a Minus' touch changing the value of Natural world to that of money and now near over.
      Deserving or not we need to make adjustment to free us from acting stupid.
      If we allow an alteration to the framework of monetary value and force change a realignment of priorities will sudden application it outlaws bad.
      There is a time for all seasons as the saying goes and a place for all = Time to alter the value of money and align it with what keeps Earth alive.