Friday, September 14, 2012

Arctic sea ice decline continues

The image below, from The Cryosphere Today, shows that Arctic sea ice has shrunk in area by 11.446871 million square km from March 28, 2012, to September 11, 2012, a fall of over 83.66 percent in 167 days.

The image below illustrates the dramatic drop in sea ice extent (total area of at least 15% ice concentration) for the last 7 years, compared to the average 1972-2011, as calculated by the Polar View team at the University of Bremen, Germany.


  1. If you hold a edge of a card to the graph overlays sort of upright to see if the point of bottom out of both sea ice area loss and volume tend to move later in year it looks like it. It also looks like the length of time near bottom is tending to get longer. This kind of could mean first year things hit 0 will be for several month duration. Considering ramification perhaps full out effort to keep Earth alive is in order now.

  2. The red line is still going down.

    1. This isn't a spectator sport but a Wake up call; A call to try and create a Sea change in thinking worldwide at the core to head off disaster fast.
      A call to cap hatred and put an end to war. A call on religions to unite.
      A call for peace so people think right.. The world needs to take on task.
      A task to keep Earth's ecosystems alive and to protect each other as one.
      There are thought out ideas of how change things and some need immediacy.
      We are not dinosaurs watching some star like light of some incoming rock.
      We are not simply watching the tracing of colors on graphs we have info..
      We can speak and communicate. We can take action and speak wisely maybe..