Sunday, February 1, 2015

WARNING - Planetary Omnicide between 2023 and 2031

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Below is a table using the ice core gradients for a continuously pulsing clathrate gun and one where the methane clathrate pulse decays over time from the data on the poster.

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References and Further Reading

- State Of Extreme Emergency, by Malcolm P.R. Light

- Focus on Methane, by Malcolm P.R. Light

- Arctic Atmospheric Methane Global Warming Veil, by Malcolm P.R. LightHarold Hensel and Sam Carana


  1. Would it be possible for a larger version of this chart to be posted? There's so much small detail it's difficult to make out. Thank you!

  2. This comment to first reference article still stands.
    Unless framework is created to line the world up to happily work together in Peace and give keeping Earth alive our best shot, the real college try; Then:
    The Physics of Climate Change in a monetary world with no direct link between money and Earth's Health is that of Closed System in which entropy will rise.
    Under system isolation as described by Second Law of Thermodynamics
    As long as unit of money is legal tender and Corporate has rights of personhood in essence with sovereignty of Standing, Legal Standing and Earth is externalized
    no matter how hard a group or individual might work to try and reverse this - Corporate Worm Turns. And runs end somehow or other.
    To end this, - Civilization must make a quantum leap to end Isolation of Earth's health.

  3. This graph agrees with the collection of graphs I saw 5 years ago. I saw a plan on the web site. But I think turning everything off by 2018 would be a better solution. If only we had another planet to go vacation on for few centuries.

  4. Facts may conquer ignorance in time