Sunday, June 1, 2014


by Harold Hensel

I keep thinking of this experience when I see that methane has now blanketed the entire globe with the highest concentrations in the northern hemisphere. I was signing up a young man for property insurance. We discussed coverage's and how much coverage he needed. We got almost to the end of the routine underwriting questions and I got to the one about if he had ever been convicted of arson. He said yes! Then he said, do you think that will make a difference? Do we think that the globe being blanketed with methane will make a difference? is an important service and it is brought to you by one person, Omar Cabrera from Houston. There is nothing else like it on the internet. He has spent $30,000 of his own money to make free to the public. He feels this strongly about the methane issue. If you notice the slider bar, it stops at 4/20/2014. He needs to upgrade and has run out of money to do it. He has not asked for money until he ran out of money. is very important and he should not be trying to go it alone. I think we should chip in to help him keep methane tracker going. He doesn't need that much. How to help is on the web site.


  1. Shared and helped. I hope he gets what he needs, and I will be contacting him about helping him with a crowd-funding project if he wants to do that. Vital service.

  2. Does anyone know if Mr. Cabrera will ever continue with It is far, far superior to what we can see with the AIRS graphics.

  3. When will return? :(