Saturday, February 22, 2014

With business as usual life on earth is largely doomed

by John Davies

There is a very grave crisis in the Arctic which might only be resolved if the world uses geo-engineering to cool the Arctic and there are drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Failing that most life on earth is doomed including humanity with devastating climate catastrophe starting no later than 2015 and a runaway Greenhouse Event starting in 2014.

I am sure that with an immense effort starting now humanity can be saved.

I am trying to obtain a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change to discuss the desperate situation in the Arctic and the prognosis that with business as usual life on earth is largely doomed and also the steps humanity must take to save the global climate in April.

[ to be continued ]


  1. As powerful a prediction as the world has ever seen ...

    ... to be continued????

    1. Yeah, "to be continued" looks a bit ironic. :)

      Nonetheless, I'm keen to find out whether John will be able to get a meeting organized at the APPCCC.

  2. Well you can't be partially doomed. So in the spirit of enlightenment and fun I'd say a greatly needed ugg. (A plan is needed at root core of monetary exchange to bias the meaning of what we are trying to say so potentially full force of human endeavor goes to renewing the open systems of Nature. Game 2C is open; the field of play (peace), so war in traditional meaning is averted and so politic makes war on what would extinct life- Earth's open systems of Nature Large which hold HZ literally. That needs to not only enter politic to war field of game but be given rights = Mother Earth and Man.
    Bolivia just gave legal standing to Earth so why can't all nations follow suit. I'm telling you what will happen if we don't somehow create the framework that works so full force of human endeavor goes to trying to keep Earth alive and do what best leaves not one person on Earth star circle in Need. Literal
    I'm trying to do what best serves that which helps the hopes of the generation's prior's wish for children and I'm trying to mention the potential of the hopes of all who could follow our frail attempt at change.
    We are not frail if we are brave and take action with best wishes for others including Mother Earth..