Monday, October 28, 2013

Methane over Arctic Ocean is increasing

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Above image shows the Northern Hemisphere on October 26 - 27, 2013, a period of just over one day. Methane readings of 1950 ppb and higher show up in yellow. Peak reading on October 27, 2013, was 2369 ppb.

The image below, created by Harold Hensel with methanetracker, shows methane over the Arctic Ocean in three ranges, with the highest readings (1950 ppb and higher) in red.

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Harold adds: "Methane increased again in the Arctic Circle yesterday, 10/27/2013. So what were the headlines in the news? It wasn't this which is more important than anything the media has to report. This is surreal to me." - at Facebook


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  1. Putting this Genie back in the bottle might be a bit hard in practice even for deniers of truth like Obama.
    Harpers might have a bit of trouble pushing Dibit pipe through from Canada to US gulf coast for China..
    Royal Mounted Police might have a hard time maintaining order or deciding who are the bad guys now.
    Contract law based price stability for canned methane for export ,LPN price might see a bit of variation.
    But consumer goods made in China go full circle and TV pushing of consumerism is out of control too..
    Exactly how is the little guy to respond.. Go to work, Carry peace sign,, Launch 48 volt bike shop..

  2. Sam, This arcticle in Nature, october 10, 2013, predicts the climate will be "terminal" by 2047:

    However, they are using historical projections, which means they are NOT accounting for increasing arctic methane emissions. It is obvious their estimate of 2047 is far too distant. The "terminal" date is very soon, NOT 34 years from now.

    Here is a youtube discussing the 2047 estimate:

    It would be very beneficial for everyone to know there is a "drop dead date", and the climate deniers can all go to hell, wait, hell is coming here in only a decade or so - I forgot!

    I would suggest starting your own youtube channel, to get the latest arctic methane data out to the general public, as virtually NO ONE is looking at your blogspot posts.

    Keep up the great work! Only a few humans on this whole planet actually make a difference, and you are one of them!


  3. Man, that's some scary goddamn shit! I've always thought that humanity would do itself in, now it's a sure thing as far as I'm concerned. And Greenland, HA! It's going to melt faster than Frosty the Snowman shooting the pier at Malibu on a hot summer day! Thanks a million for keeping us updated. Intellect is the understanding of observations, data and knowledge, without people like you, people like me could never break out of lala land!

  4. This is the start of an ancient planetary extinction event, which is growing worse daily: