Sunday, September 15, 2013

Colorado flooding, what does the IPCC say?

Flooding in Colorado has caused at least five death. As of 14 September, more than 500 were unaccounted for. Nearly 19,000 homes are damaged or destroyed.

Paul Beckwith comments:

Total destruction. Roads. Homes. Power lines. Water pipelines. Sewer culverts and pipes. And an oil pipeline. Not to mention the lives lost and disrupted forever.

Just be glad that the oil pipeline was not something like Keystone XL or Line 9 or Line 6.

Wake up people. Isn't it ironic that extreme weather events are accelerating in frequency, magnitude, spatial extent, and duration and are due to the very abrupt climate change that is being rapidly worsened from fossil fuel emissions; from burning the very stuff that is carried by the oil pipeline infrastructure.

And politicians are either very stupid or simply slaves to the fossil fuel companies since they ignore all laws protecting the environment, and even rewrite the legal system to eliminate any laws that slow or prevent pipelines, tar sands, fracking and any other fossil fuel infrastructure from being built. While publishing outright lies slamming renewable energy.

No wonder police forces across the world are becoming branches of the military; they realize that the public will soon be furious at the politicians and corporations and government corruption at all levels.

Meanwhile, according to the dailymail leaked IPCC reports say that "Global warming is just HALF what we said". So, what's going on? For starters, it appears that the IPCC has been fooled into ignoring the dangerous situation in the Arctic, i.e. albedo changes, methane and further feedbacks. The cartoon below illustrates this, please comment and share widely! 


  1. Clearly IPCC has failed to adequately address Global Warming and the corporate media is in on it.
    There are no people holding Hoax signs on Main St in Colorado most likely and people certainly aren't exactly holding their breath for the next UN report on climate to come out. Events, the advance of events with global weirding have outstripped the words of practically anyone.
    Just to prove Colorado hasn't totally washed out; While scouting with my wife on electric bikes here is link of model plane's view from just North of the confluence of St Vrain River + Boulder Creek.
    The model plane takes off N and lands West toward where Longmont is and the Rockies are 15 miles that direction. The land flown over has a lot of well pads for oil and gas extraction.
    The people I have talked to are in no doubt Earth is in trouble and global warming is up..

  2. You should find another source for your information other than the link to that Climate Denier article. That article has since been completely debunked.

    1. Thanks Ronnie. The link was merely added as an example of some of the efforts to present global warming as a hoax, as depicted in the cartoon, which sadly appears to have influenced the IPPC.

  3. Sam, I realize those are Paul Beckwith's words, but I'll comment about them anyway.

    Police forces are becoming extensions of the military because our "leaders" know that our way of life is ending. He's correct that the people will be "furious at the politicians and corporations and government corruption at all levels" but not because of climate change, rather because there are 7.2 billion people on a planet with ever decreasing amounts of non-renewable resources. People will get angry when they can't get their toys anymore, or their gas, or their food. The Arab spring of a few years ago wasn't about democracy, it was about hunger and survival. As oil becomes more and more expensive and demand destruction leads to massive recession/depression, and food supplies are disrupted, and the grid fails, and the nuclear power plants begin to all go critical, global warming will be just one more part of the human-induced destruction of the planet.

    There is no doubt that climate chaos is going to wreak havoc and will probably lead to mass extinctions (ours included), but what will drive Americans and others in the "developed" world to the streets in the meantime will be the effects of peak oil/peak net energy.