Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cyclonic Activity persists in Arctic

Above image, edited from Naval Research Laboratory, shows that a large area has developed at the center of the Arctic Ocean with very thin ice, at some places down to virtually zero, i.e. open water.

This development is to a large extent caused by persistent cyclonic activity in the Arctic. The Arctic is warming up faster than anywhere else, and this is reducing the temperature difference between the Arctic and lower latitudes. As a result, the polar vortex and jet stream get distorted, resulting in extreme weather. This is graphically illustrated by the animation below, from the California Regional Weather Server.

Note: this animation is a 2.5 MB file that may take some time to fully load.
Credit: California Regional Weather Server


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  1. The North Polar Jet looks torn to shreds. And considering the flow of heat thinning sea ice it looks like the breakdown is going to spin up into a gigantic Cyclone in North coming that won't abate.
    In April findings were released of a cyclone fixed on Saturn's North Pole and if Earth is getting this it means essentially we are closer to shift to new steady state of mixing of heat transfer than thought.. Saturn is a gas giant and we are Class M planet in HZ or where effective solar radiance is OK for liquid water to exist.
    Earth's Open Systems of Life hold us within HZ.
    We have made mince meat of that with consumerism.
    WE need to go to store and buy new Habitable Zone
    -it's on the shelf below the rifle ammunition where the food ;used to be. Next to the tabloids.