Sunday, September 14, 2014

Climate Accord New York September 2014

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. has made some (small) progress limiting the amounts of greenhouse gases that states emit, e.g. through Environmental Protection Agency limits on carbon dioxide emitted by power plants.

Given that greenhouse gases do spread all over the globe, the U.S. must also support action abroad to reduce levels of greenhouse gases.

At the upcoming Climate Summit in New York, September 23, President Obama will have a good opportunity to do so.

President Obama can and should support an accord for nations to jointly commit to bold action, including the imposition of fees on fossil fuel exported to nations that fail to commit to such action.

Where necessary, World Trade Organization rules should be agreed to be adjusted in order to accommodate such fees.

An accord on export fees can help U.S. exporters remain competitive and avoid repercussions. Such fees will also help make importing nations impose fees domestically, as they will not want to miss out on the revenues from such fees.

Revenues from such fees are best held in a trust fund and they are best used exclusively to finance international projects, such as efforts to save the sea ice in the Arctic and R&D into ways to decompose methane. As more nations impose fees domestically and accept responsibility to participate in international projects, such export fees can phase themselves out.

The People's Climate March will take place on September 21, starting 11:30 am from Central Park West (between 65th and 86th streets). Whether or not you're taking part in the march, consider supporting the Climate Plan. If you print out above image, you could make a cardboard sign. Over the coming days, photos of people holding up such a sign can be posted and shared at facebook and, if you add some lines saying you like the idea, they will be considered for display at the Arctic-news blog. You can also make it your profile picture on facebook during the remainder of the month to get a chance to be mentioned as a supporter.  Thanks in advance.

Update of Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly below:

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  1. The fees could be phased out as currency of contract law aims to keep Earth alive instead of all that's built on the pyramid scheme of monetary enlargement for the sake of monetary enlargement. Sovereignty of nations. Unfortunately as Pope Francis alluded to, a world war 3 of cruelty and chaos of destruction is apparently on the rise in the world, particularly in the aftermath of the Iraq war and the devolvement of order in Libya after the Feb17th Revolution. The spread of attacks of dishonor on journalists in Islamic world. It's like the high price of food rising and state of Earth isn't considered as root cause.
    But the thin veil of civility among people can't, in my opinion hold up against the forces of Entropy rise of the monetary world not focused on keeping Earth alive.. Turn our gov operations framework to good before going into epicentre of 6th great Extinctions and at least main pain of regret is avoided..
    But what we have here is a situation where the 'thin vernier' of civilization will be tested by Runaway Greenhouse unless we clear the decks and work together in peace to politely try and keep her in HZ