Sunday, December 16, 2012

Paul Beckwith at Radio Ecoshock

Paul Beckwith was recently interviewed by Ecoshock Radio, for a show that will go live to over 50 radio stations on three continents from Tuesday December 18 onward. Paul speaks about Arctic albedo collapse and our "new" climate, and more.

An mp3 file for the earlier part of the show is already available at Radio Ecoshock.


  1. A plan of action needs to be made to force action to counter methane escape to atmosphere from Arctic Ocean floor. Specifically political action to force leaders' hands.
    Events at Sandy Hook elementary spoke of violence.
    Event of Sandy, the storm spoke at election of it.
    Events of the past we can see through science speak too.
    We know that when food gets scarce enough people fight and Food Price Index is rising..
    We know conditions for growing crops and getting food to the people needs Peace too.
    We know violence in the world is on the increase and that without intervention to keep climate cool and seasons steady the price of food will continue to go up.
    What will it take to rally the people to see this.
    Target sheltering sea ice by reflecting sunlight.
    Target size equal to incoming heat gain 2012, so weather isn't worse for crops and suffering.
    The thing is, we have wrong people in power now.
    Barack thinks protecting kids means gun control.
    He doesn't rally the people to stand together and put up a fight to keep Earth alive for Real.
    Earth is Real, political gain is not only heat; Heat of war and entropy rise has now taken seat.
    It is no accident things go as they do and the proper use of sand is to jamb guns and be on sea shore.. A place for children to have due fun. It is our duty to protect a world at Peace.
    It is our duty to use what we know and speak up.
    It is our duty to do this in front of all else or there won't be future for the little guys left. Or there will be great sadness in Sky..
    Or the hopes of all the parents of children die.
    We need a veil of common decency - to counter a growing veil of CH4 increase 30to47km altitude..

  2. Sam, what are your thoughts on the danger posed by accumulation of Methane in high stratosphere?

    1. It's going to be very hard to remove methane from the stratosphere, so we must take every effort to avoid it accumulating there.