Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to avert an intensifying food crisis

As extreme weather intensifies, the food crisis intensifies. Storms and floods do damage to crops and cause erosion of fertile topsoil, in turn causing further crop loss. Similarly, heatwaves, storms and wildfires do damage to crops and cause topsoil to be blown away, thus also causing erosion and further crop loss. Furthermore, they cause soot, dust and volitale organic compounds to settle on snow and ice, causing albdeo loss and further decline of snow and ice cover.

Extreme weather intensifies as the Arctic warms and the polar vortex and jet stream weaken, which is fueled by accelerated warming in the Arctic. There are at least ten feedbacks that contribute to further acceleration of warming in the Arctic and without action the situation looks set to spiral away into runaway global warming, as illustrated by the image below.

Diagram of Doom, with Comprehensive Plan of Action added  (credit: Sam Carana, October 9, 2012)

To avert an intensifying global food crisis, a comprehensive plan of action is needed, as also indicated on the image. Such a plan should be comprehensive and consider action in the Arctic such as wetland management, ice thickening and methane management (methane removal through decomposition, capture and possibly extraction).

- Threat to global food supply makes comprehensive action imperative

- Comprensive Plan of Action

- Diagram of Doom

- Opening further Doorways to Doom

- Terraforming Earth

- Changes to Polar Vortex affect mile-deep ocean circulation patterns

- Arctic sea ice loss is effectively doubling mankind's contribution to global warming

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  1. The areas of concentration where mankind would be most effective in undoing acceleration of heat up is in feedback items listed as one, through three along with, as is pointed out in block diagram as food..
    Because it is possible 'food' to power the Sea change of a response by the public in massive enough degree to counteract event of rampaging Arctic Sea and stuff can be ignited if monetary value is tied to the performance in our duty to protect, ecological entity, whole.. Earth - As as living place capable of healing herself well.