Monday, January 26, 2015

Andrew Harvey Interviews Guy McPherson

Andrew Harvey, founder & director of the Institute for Sacred Activism, interviews Dr. Guy McPherson on the topic of how to live with death in mind. Harvey reads excerpts from his foreword in Dr. McPherson and Carolyn Baker's new book, 'Extinction Dialogs: How to Live With Death in Mind'.


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Andrew Harvey

Guy McPherson

Interview with Andrew Harvey


  1. >Sigh...< I've been reading and worrying about methane release since 1998 and have been following the climate-warming controversy since then, reading articles and viewing charts, watching the entire event unfold over the years... It looks truly unpromising, depressing. Unfortunately, I have to disagree as to what and how people will react to our eventual demise: My intuition says it will be extremely violent, bloody, and with humans dying by the billions of starvation. Both Andrew's and Guy's admirable intellects, while admirably offering hope, won't change the great mass of humanity who far more likely won't use their intellects (because it simply doesn't exist at Andrew's and Guy's level) and won't exhibit Buddhist behaviors by "letting go" and through "liberation" because when it comes to the last grains of mealy rice or putrefying potatoes, basic human needs overwhelm any intellectual response. What place does generosity and compassion have in a resource-depleted world when ALL are condemned to eventual death?
    It'll be a smart, but brutal, cannibalistic, son-of-a-bitch that dies last.

    1. I agree with you, except for the last line. I think that the climate will be so brutal that even the most ruthless of us will probably die a super-quick death! It will all be so very random!

  2. Muita saúde e energia por que o tour será muito grande. Deus te acompanhe!