Thursday, March 15, 2012

Message to the Survivors


  1. Very interesting...I too have been quite depressed lately at our failure to prevent climate catastrophe. I was going to post a eulogy for earth over at my forums.

    I'm doing a bike ride across Canada this summer, handing out some flyers, perhaps pointlessly. I'll send you a copy when it's all done.

  2. Sam, your words of wisdom helped break the logjam created by global warming deniers which amongst other things largely stopped public awareness and public policy from getting us off fossil fuels.
    Even if things are over the top and runaway can't be stopped perhaps the world can still wise up and work together in peace for the common good and something remarkable can still occur. Full out effort to keep the planet alive would zoom up economies everywhere and break the stalemates of power holding people back.

    The numbers don't look good that's for sure but if somehow public awareness gets going and hope is maintained the potential for change with everybody on Earth working to make things better is huge but the best plans must advance.
    There is no greater honor in the universe than to try to keep Earth alive with systems intact so life can go on. This is a test of resolve and of people's metal in the face of great odds.
    All the tests of time in Nature from when time began culminate in success or failure to make change happen now in a significant way..
    All the futures of all the Creatures large and small depend on keeping hope.

    Thanks for all you do, it is appreciated.