Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr President,

Ukraine is clearly another Western geopolitical stunt to stop Russian exports of oil and gas to Europe so they can be replaced by filthy fossil fuels from US fracking and Canadian tar sand oil. We are facing a devastating final show down with Mother Nature which is being accelerated by the filthy extraction of fossil fuels by fracking, tar sands and coal mining and continent wide oil transport in the US.

Call your troops home so they can immediately assist in assembling giant solar power stations, wind farms and converting all road and rail transport to electricity. Immediately terminate all gas fracking, tar sand oil extraction, oil transport, coal mining and all the giant subsidies paid to fossil fuel companies. This money must be solely spent on constructing renewable energy power stations and infrastructure. 

You will be held accountable by US citizens and the world if you do not stop this extreme American pollution, the fast approaching methane firestorm and our extinction by 2050.

Yours Truly,

Malcolm Peter Light (Dr)
Earth Scientist


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  1. Is it true that after fracking significant part of methane just passing into atmosphere instead of pipe.

  2. I have generally held Malcolm Light in very high regard & have given him the benefit of the doubt on some of the more radical assertions he has made in his papers & postings. After all the really great, credible & important work that Malcolm has done, I have to say I'm really, really disappointed in this letter, & this post, which IMHO seriously damages his credibility. That it might actually be received & read by someone with influence in the executive branch, & be quoted by climate deniers & opponents of radical action on climate change, as proof of Malcolm being unprofessional and maybe a bit delusional, would be such a great tragedy! I am astonished he wrote it & released it publicly. Malcolm, can you "take it back"? The actions proposed are literally impossible for all sorts of reasons, political, economic, technical. And what's the point if one believes, as he does, that the world is on the verge of imminent mass extinction & that economic collapse is in a way a good thing that might buy us more time (except for the inconvenient little detail of all the nuclear meltdowns that would be caused from shutting down the grid.) OMG.

    1. Mischa, firstly note that contributors to the Arctic-news blog each express their own views. I must add that I don't believe that economic collapse was "in a way a good thing" and I don't think Malcolm ever said this. Another contributor, Peter Wadhams, co-authored a study concluding that a 50 Gt methane release from the Arctic would cause an economic damage of 60 trillion dollars.

      The Climate Plan I advocate has huge economic benefits and will create numerous local job and investment opportunities, and I'm deeply disappointed that President Obama persists to support 'all-of-the-above' in energy, in particular natural gas, despite studies pointing at the emissions of natural gas (such as this 2011 one and this more recent one) and despite studies showing America could be powered entirely by genuinely clean energy (such as this 2009 one). If you know better ways to reach President Obama, please let us know.

  3. Is Malcolm seriously alleging that the entirety of the crisis in the Ukraine, with all its history & geopolitical implications, can be understood through the single lens of there being some sort of massive secret conspiracy hatched by US interests in industry & government, with the express purpose of manipulating Russia to cut off oil & gas exports to all of Western Europe, so that dirty North American exports can be brought in, presumably by supertanker, at whatever price, in order to replace them? And that this "fact" is somehow "clear"??? To whom??? OMG Malcolm! You can't seriously believe this? And you announce your suspicion to President Obama, threatening him actually, in order to somehow persuade him to call home "the troops" you believe he has deployed to the region. And which troops are those exactly? Please Malcolm, don't throw away your credibility! We need it, and we need you, now more than ever. And Sam, please come in to help. This also affects the overall credibility of your entire Arctic News Blog enterprise. I am embarrassed for you. How can I continue to refer folks to your blog, and I have referred many, as a quality source of information in the future, if this is how you are vetting the information you're presenting.

    1. Mischa, I too am deeply disappointed that President Obama doesn't take a stronger lead in action on climate change and on reducing the dangerous situation in the Arctic, so perhaps Malcolm's call can shake President Obama into action. As said, if you know better ways to reach President Obama, please let us know.