Climate Plan


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Presentation by Guy McPherson

Presentation by Guy McPherson, February 2014, Traditions Cafe, Olympia WA.

View the video of the presentation below:


- Tour by Guy McPherson along the coasts of Oregon and Washington

- Earth is on the edge of runaway warming

- Arctic Methane Impact

- CO2 growth highest on record


  1. Today a whole host of other nasty compounding factors. Including the release of high pressure deep sourced methane formed by interaction of carbonate rock, iron oxide II, and water at high pressure and temp above 1200C. That release is starting from the looks of it on top of methane clathrate decay locally- Framework is needed to put full force of world industry and ingenuity to the attempt to live.

  2. Dream on Dale. The vast majority is too neurotic to be persuaded by the facts. Freud said it took trauma to wake neurotics to reality, and in this case, that's Mother Nature batting last, which may well prove fatal to both the vast majority and that tiny minority that see what is coming. No way to tell know where the weather will be within survival limits.

    The trauma could well be severe enuf to totally break down social cooperation, and even if a community or group can remain organized, no way to know of the resources needed to manage will be wherever they are. The best bet, such as it is, is the mobility to get to wherever life can be reasonably lived; you wont know where til later.